Start Drinking Coffee/Tea in Munch Cups

Munch Cups

Features & Usage

Coffee or Tea
Milk or Boost
Horlicks or Chocolate
Tomato soup or Shewan soup
French fries or Cheese shots
Gajar ka meetha or Qubani ka meetha
Firni or Payasam
Icecream or Khulf
Clean and Crisp
Retains hot drink at 65 deg.
Crisp for 30 minutes
90 ml capacity
3 months shelf life
GMO free
No preservatives or colours
Decomposes in around 30 days
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Save Planet Earth

Together we can bring a change

Be a part of Solution to address the landfill & environmental issues associated with paper cups.








Glimpes of Munch Cups Usage

Diet Snack

Health Benefits


High Source Of Energy #01 
Healthy Diet Snack


For Healthy Bones & Teeth #02 
Healthy Diet Snack


Prevents Early Aging #03 
Healthy Diet Snack


Controls Blood Pressure #04 
Healthy Diet Snack


Prevents Constipation #05 
Healthy Diet Snack
Promotes Healthy Skin #06 
Healthy Diet Snack
Aids in Weight Loss #07 
Healthy Diet Snack
Beneficial for Heart #08 
Healthy Diet Snack
Prevents Anemia #09 
Healthy Diet Snack
Controls Diabetes #10 
Healthy Diet Snack
Reduces Acidity #11 
Healthy Diet Snack


Safe and Hygienic #01 
Benefits of Munch Cups


Does Not Transfer Color or Taste to the Drink #02 
Benefits of Munch Cups


Thermal Insulation #03 
Benefits of Munch Cups

Light Weight

Light Weight: Around 15 gms #04 
Benefits of Munch Cups


Tasty and Delicious #05 
Benefits of Munch Cups

Ice Cream

Good for Hot Drinks and Ice Cream #06
Benefits of Munch Cups

Hot Drinks

Comfortable to Hold Hot Drinks #07 
Benefits of Munch Cups


Clean and Crisp #01 
Features of Munch Cups

Hot Drink

Retains Hot Drink at 65 deg #02 
Features of Munch Cups

No Leakage

No Leakage for One Hour #03 
Features of Munch Cups

Shelf Life

3 Months Shelf Life #04 
Features of Munch Cups

GMO Free

GMO Free #05 
Features of Munch Cups


Microwavable #06 
Features of Munch Cups


Crisp for 30 minutes #07 
Features of Munch Cups

90 ml

90 ml Capacity #08 
Features of Munch Cups

No Colours

No Preservatives or Colours #09 
Features of Munch Cups


Decomposes in Around 30 Days #10 
Features of Munch Cups

Corporate Events!

Tasty Snack

Munch Cups are made out of 100% plant based ingredients, primarily wheat flour, millet, sugar and vegetable oil.

All raw materials are chosen from qualitative good sources

Over a period of 30+ months the recipe and process is established for a sustainable product

The result is a edible cup which is crunchy and crispy

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Towards A Sustainable Future

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Hold the Munch Cup with pride
Genuinely for the people who care for the future. Avoid plastics! Relish today! Sustain tomorrow! Save the planet!
Munch Cups for Better Health
Did you know, Plastic leaches around different chemicals when you drink hot beverages in it. Munch cups comes here as a savior for better health
Eat or dispose your munch cups
Relish the beverages with Munch Cups. Eat after you drink or dispose it off, these cups are biodegradable.
Aspirational change for the future
Be the change you aspire. Munch Cups stands here as a change for a better cause and best future for the coming generation.
Cups of the Future
Benefits apart these cups will contribute in their own small way to satisfy the goals of environmentalist all over the world
Drink and pamper your taste buds
Hot or cold Munch cups are snacks to satisfy your tea time needs.

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